A mum, baby and midwife reunion

A mum, baby and midwife reunion

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust marked this year’s International Day of the Midwife by reuniting mums who had their babies at St Peter’s Hospital with the Midwives who helped deliver them. The Abbey Wing at St Peter’s hospital played host to the event last week which saw mums and midwives mingling and discussing life pre and post maternity.

St Peter’s midwife Katie Smith who has worked at St Peter’s for four years said: “The best part of my job is getting to look after lovely, amazing women and delivering babies. She added, “It’s nice to do something you train to do all your life.”

International Day of the Midwife is held every year on May 5 and is an opportunity to recognise the work that midwives do globally and in the UK.

Hayley Harris, mum to 8 month old William, born at St Peter’s Hospital said: “What a fantastic event! It’s unusual to be reunited with the first person that touched your baby. St Peter’s Hospital’s birth centre is an absolutely unbelievable place and having a midwife present is the best possible way to bring a baby into the world.”

Nadia Pridmore, Senior Midwife at ASPH and Royal College of Midwives Workplace Representative said: “Our event was a great way to celebrate International Day of the Midwife and the importance of the work we do. It also coincided with the Abbey Wing’s 3rd birthday, so a double cause for celebration. It was wonderful to see so many mums (and babies) reunited with their midwives.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with our bake sale and all the local businesses who kindly donated prizes for our raffle.”

A total of £1175 was raised from the raffle with all proceeds going to the local Royal College of Midwives’ branch, to be used for the learning and development of midwives. The aim is to have all midwives trained in aromatherapy and acupuncture.

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